Direct from Roving Press

Simply give us a call and you can pay by card over the phone (01300 321531).
Postage and packing is free to UK standard addresses. Others please get in touch before ordering.

Alternatively, please pay by one of the following methods:

Cheque made out to Roving Press Ltd

Paypal to rovingpress@gmail.com

transfer to sort code 09-01-50, account number 05991471.
Use your surname as the order reference, and send us an email with your full order details.

Remember to include your contact name and address, telephone number and email address, as applicable.
Provide the delivery name and address, if different to your own.

All our books should be available through Amazon.
There is a mandatory £2.80 shipping charge, per book, which is set by Amazon not us.
Occasionally we find it prudent to suspend our Amazon listings, so if you don't see our books please get in touch.

Local Outlets
We will happily direct you to your nearest outlet or bookshop.

Privacy Policy
Information you supply will be stored internally only, we do not sell such information to third parties. If you would prefer not to receive further e-mails about our books, special events and news, please let us know and we will take you off our mailing list.

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